Sunday, 14 July 2013


No, it's not a Saxon sling attached to the ears. Earsling is Old English for Arseling; which is what I am. I forgot to back-up my work. Again. And my laptop died again. That means I've lost everything I've added to the bestiary since the Elf archer I posted here. Hey that was a good decision too, to not post any more bestiary entries on the blog. So I've lost the elf spellsinger entries, and elf elders, and an npc version of the a new dwarf skirmisher,  maybe more I can't rememeber, and I just can't be arsed to redo them so the bestiary is done. I'm so bummed I'm pretty much done with Redwald. Will now start on the second draft and then convert it to a pdf, who ever wants a cp can have one, but it's fucking dead to me. Bollocks.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Redwald Maps

The amazing Fenway/Chris of Heroes & Other Worlds fame has commissioned a B/W and Colour Redwald Map for the HOW version of Redwald (they'll also be in the native version when I get around to finishing it). 

They were created by the excellent  Doug Anderson of the Blue Boxer Rebellion Blog. The B/W map is available for download on the Heroes & Other Worlds Blog. The colour map is lush and is being saved for the print version. In the meantime this is what the B/W looks like . . .