Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Redwald Maps

The amazing Fenway/Chris of Heroes & Other Worlds fame has commissioned a B/W and Colour Redwald Map for the HOW version of Redwald (they'll also be in the native version when I get around to finishing it). 

They were created by the excellent  Doug Anderson of the Blue Boxer Rebellion Blog. The B/W map is available for download on the Heroes & Other Worlds Blog. The colour map is lush and is being saved for the print version. In the meantime this is what the B/W looks like . . .


  1. It is, the colour one is even better. chris and Doug have done a great job.

  2. Man, looks great! Far better than I could've done... :)

    1. Sorry only just seen this, Kesher. I'm sure you're underselling yourself, plus this is based more or less based on your draft map, which I'm still grateful for. Cheers.