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Elves of Redwald: Ælfcynn Scytta (Elfin Shooter)

Ælfcynn Scytta (Elfin Shooter)

There is a joke amongst the woodsmen of Eastlund Seaxe, who work the outskirts of the great forest, it goes: How do you know if an Elfin Archer is watching you? By the Arrow in your throat.

The black humour covers the fear, and often hatred, that the men of Eastlund have for the Elfin archers. Anyone born there knows not to venture too deep in to the great forest lest they run afoul of the Ælfcynn, or the other dire creatures that dwell there.

Although they are primarily hunters for their tribe, men soon learned to fear the Ælfcynn Langboga. Famed for both the accuracy and power of their longbows the Eleven archers are rightly feared. Whether it is elf magic, or the sheer power of the longbows their flint arrow heads are capable of piercing even a mail hauberk. Of course when your enemy can shoot a crow in the eye, mid-flight, from 200 yards away, you might as well not be wearing armour anyway.

Scytta: AC: 4/1 [15/18]; HD: 6; Attacks: 3; Langboga (R: 240’ 2d6KH+3) or Heort Seax (1d3); Special: Forest Fast, Elf Shot, Flint Flight, Bow Storm, Tree Runners, Wood Wraiths; Saving Throw: 10; Move: 10/12; HIDE/XP: 6/1000

Gear: Langboga, Coceb of 24 Arwan, Heort Seax, Déorhýd

All Ælfcynn are fast and silent when moving in wooded terrain and gain 2 to move and +1 to surprise and initiative.

When they have surprise the Scytta, through skill or perhaps elf magic can sometimes be so accurate they find a chink in, and bypass, any armour their foe is wearing and attack as if the enemy were AC 9 [10]. If they hit they may choose where the blow lands: the head or heart are killing blows; the legs and arms disabling blows. They may also use this to make any near impossible shot in a non-combat situation.

Scytta imagine that their spirit flies in their flint arrow head, guiding it to their target. Whether this is true or not their accuracy with a longbow is astounding (+4 to hit).

When accuracy is necessary their speed at loosing arrows is frightening. They are able to loose 6 shots per turn at -2 to-hit or an unadjusted to hit roll when shooting at a warband in a close formation.

Spending most of their time in the tree tops of their densely forested tribal territories Scytta can move through the canopy, leaping branch to branch, tree to tree, as effortlessly as men make their way on the forest floor. (Move 10 in the trees AC 1 [18]).

Whether in the tree tops or on the forest floor if the Scytta aren’t engaged in melee they are able to disappear into the forest like wood wraiths. It’s a tactic they will use to flee if they can or have to. But mostly they fade in to woods to seek another opportunity to sneak up on and surprise their foes again.

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