Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Elves of Redwald: FÆGE (Doomed)

FÆGE (Doomed)

The Fæge, or fey, are Elves whose bond with their spirit tree has been broken, because the tree died, or was destroyed. Though not exiled in any sense that men would recognise they are no longer considered to part one of the living, and part of the tribe. They aren’t forced from their lands, but friends and family do not see or acknowledge them. In the end it is sorrow that drives them from their tribal homeland and deep into the wild woodlands.

Alone and unconnected to their tree spirit they are doomed to die a mortal death. Most lose their minds within a year and haunt the forests as wrathful, capricious terrors.

Some legends tell of tribes made up entirely of treeless Fæge, and changeling wildling children stolen from wood side villages. These tribes are said to be even wilder and savage than both their wildling and Elfin kin. Of course, no one ‘living’ has ever met one of these Fæge tribes and returned to their village to tell the tale of it.

Fæge: AC: 5 [14] HD:4; Attacks: 2 Flintenscæglod Ságol 1d6-1 and limb breaks ; Special: Forest Fast, Wood Wild ; Saving Throw: 12; Move: 10/12; HIDE/XP: 4/400.

Gear: Most Fæge are naked, though it’s hard to tell as they’re covered in filth and forest detritus - bark, moss, bird feathers, small animal bones, etc. Other than their fearsome flint studded clubs, they carry little of worth, or at least little of worth to anyone sane.

All Ælfcynn are fast and silent when moving in wooded terrain, and gain +2 to move and +1 to surprise and initiative. The Fæge are scarily insane. When they burst out of the undergrowth, covered in their own filth and bits of dead crows, waving gore smeared clubs, and screaming even the bravest of warriors might break and run. Especially if they look into their eyes and witness the depth of the Fæge’s sorrow and insanity. (ST against or morale check to stand).


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    1. Cheers, Chris. I'll prolly swap focus to the rules and get them finished now. The bestiary is kinda ever expanding. I know you mentioned art on the HOW blog, any progress with the guy you were talking to about the map?

  2. I really have to say that your material has such a good "Mythago Woods" feel to it. I truly tip my hat to you!

    1. Cheers, Sean. You're not the first to mention Mythago Woods. I better get myself a copy and have a look see.