Saturday, 12 January 2013

Men of Redwald: Scinnlæca

Scinnlæca (Shining One)

The necromancy of the Scinnlæca is the most reviled, feared, and taboo sorcery in Rædwald. And yet most kings would pay a mountain of silver to have a Scinnlæca in their service. Not that a Scinnlæca would want a mountain of silver, they’re more likely to want the free range of the kingdom’s burial mounds.

Necromancy is a solitary calling, and they spend most of their time hidden away working their dark magic to who knows what purpose. Some however, have apprentices so that they have an acolyte to send into the world and do their bidding. That or so they always have someone around they can send to the other world if the need arises.

It is through the dead that Scinnlæca gain their power calling undead apparitions known as a phantoms. These they trap it in their body to make use of the ghostly powers. It is the ghostly glow of this possession that gives them their name.

It is whispered that there are only three true Scinnlæca in the whole of Redwald and one of those is in the service of the king of Westlund Seaxe. Of course no one whispers that in his presence. Other’s claim there is only one and he serves no mortal king, but death itself. Others refuse to believe in such evil.

Scinnlæca: Armour Class: 9 [10]; Hit Dice: 5+3; Attacks: 1 Cnife (1d3); Special: Call of Fear, Fighting Phantom,; Move: 10; HIDE/XP: 7/550.

Gear: A knife that has pierced the heart of an adulterous woman, the skull of a strangled murderer, a silver penny stained with the blood of a traitor, a wand of Rowan wood taken from a hanging tree, robes made from the funeral shroud of a king betrayed. Thirteen finger bones taken from living virgins.

A Scinnlæca can call a spirit to put fear in the heart of his foes. He takes on its ghastly form, and appears to his enemies as a half-rotted spectre that shines with a dazzling eldritch light. Everyone who witnesses this must make a ST or run screaming in fear. Those that make the save stand firm, but are shaken fighting at -2 to hit and damage for 1d3+1 rounds.

If that doesn’t work they draw on the Phantom’s powers and fight their foes with the necromantic powers of the spirit. Fighting with Skeletal Skin that gives an AC of 5[14] as well as 5HD of HPs (on top of the  Scinnlæca’s own).

Attacking with bone claws that do 2d6 (keep highest) and +1 to hit and dam, or eldritch lightning that has a range of 25’ requires no to hit roll, and hits three targets doing 1d3 damage to each. With a successful to hit roll (+1) they can also drain 1 point of CON (or HD) from their foe and add 1 HP to the Phantom’s total. 

When the Phantom’s HPs are reduced to 0 the possession is ended and the Scinnlæca is left to his own devices.


  1. Outstanding! The flavor and detail you are developing is inspired!

  2. Awesome! Excellent (and original) flavor.

  3. I remember saying this before but their gear as described is most flavourful and inspiring.

    1. Cheers, Ynas. Yeah I don't know what happened there. I think must have been inspiration due to desperation (one of my favourite creative methods). All the other classes had a load of useful gear, but beyond a knife I couldn't think of anything else the Scinnlæca might need.