Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Men of Redwald: Warrior Queen

Gúðcwén  (Warrior Queen)

In a world of men and kings it takes an exceptional woman, and an exceptional warrior woman, to earn the respect of the warband, let alone to command them. Whether her husband falls, in battle leaving no male heir of age, dies before he gets an heir, or is too weak to lead the men himself no Cwén is ever offered the throne. Instead they must take it before another man of the family does. Those that are able to seize and hold a throne, lead an army, rule a kingdom; the names of those few Gúðcwén are destined to be whispered down the ages of legend.

Gúðcwén: Armour Class: 1[18]; Hit Dice: 8; Attacks:1 Gúðgár (1d6+1 2H Long Reach)or Wælseax (1d3+2); Special: Wolfhearted, Warband wife; Move: 12; HIDE/XP: 9/100.

Gear: Gúðgár, Wælseax, Irenhelm (and gold circlet), Beaduscrúd, 2d6 gold rings, gold armband, 3 silver armbands, 3d6 silver rings. Gold and Garnet jewellery, Gold and garnet belt buckle, bracelet, necklace, and brooch.

 As well her personal wealth a Gúðcwén has access to all the considerable wealth of her kingdom as a resource.

They might have the body of a (not so) frail woman but a Gúðcwén has the heart of a wolf. They’re fierce and fearless as a she wolf defending her cubs and never need to check morale. 

Many men will refuse to follow a woman into war, but those that do will, inevitably, in one way or another, come to love her. In battle none of her warriors will break (no morale check) as long as she lives. 

If she falls in battle her, Hearthweru, Champions, Gesiths, Ealdormen, and Thegns will erupt in fury and for 1d3+1 rounds will fight at +1 move, -2[+2]AC, +3 to-hit, +4 damage, +5 initiative and then die either from wounds, exhaustion, throwing away their lives needlessly or broken hearts, at which point the rest of the army will break and run.  


  1. Cool. This reminds me: have we already gotten Redwald Valkyrie yet?

  2. Cheers. No, although there's a massive overlap and the two cultures are from the same root, I'm trying to avoid anything with an overt Viking influence and keep Redwald wholly Anglo-Saxon. Also, I thought Mongoose Traveller would be a good basis for a game called Vikingr so saving the Viking stuff for that.