Monday, 17 December 2012

Men of Redwald: Shield Maiden

Scildmægden (Shield Maiden)

The women of Rædwald, especially noblewomen, have rights under law and as the wife or daughter of a powerful man may also wield power and influence. Even so, some reject the marriage their families made for them and run away or are cast out. Either way a new destiny beckons living the free life of the Scildmægden. It’s not an easy living though and only the strongest will and the swiftest sword keeps a Scildmægden alive.

Scildmægden: Armour Class: 3[16]; Hit Dice: 4+3; Attacks: 1 Wælseax (1d3+2) or Gár (1d6); Special: Mocking Manhood, Weapon Wife; Move: 12; HIDE/XP: 5/100.

Gear: Wælseax, Gár, Plegscield ,  Leðeren Cæppe, Leðeren Serc. 1d6 gold rings, 1 silver armband.

The Scildmægden is married to her weapons dedicating her life to the perfection of her individual combat skills. When fighting one-on-one she gets +1 initiative, morale, to-hit and damage, and -1[+1] AC. Any man that refuses a Scildmægden’s challenge to one-on-one combat will be mocked where ever his name is known.

Scildmægden should be quite rare in a campaign and if there is a Scildmægden player character in the party the referee might consider holding off using an NPC Scildmægden until later in the campaign if at all.


  1. This particular entry made my wife like Redwald as much as me!

    1. Well she should like the Warrior Queen entry. There's also a Shield Maiden character class.