Thursday, 13 December 2012

Men of Redwald: The Royal Household

Cynehúsræden (Royal Household)

These are the non-combatants, the kings family, his court; the people who follow and serve a king. Although they pose no threat militarily that does not mean they can’t be dangerous. In their own way they each wield power and influence, and have the ear of the king.

Most courts include, but are not limited to . . 

Cwén (Queen) – Behind every great man . . .

Cwéne (Princesses) – Her heart, if she has one, is a stepping stone to a throne.

Boldweard (Steward) – Keys to the kingdom.

Hordere (Treasurer) – Money is power.

Rædgifa (Councillor) – Whispering in the king’s ear.

Fricca (Herald) – The mouth of the king.

Ærendsecg (Messenger) – He knows first.

Ealdwita (Sage) – With age comes wisdom . . . as well as impotence, male pattern baldness, nasal hair, a paunch, arthritis, and a short temper.

Héahsácerd (High Priest) – The enmity of the High Priest means the enmity of the gods (and often a knife in the guts from a zealous believer).

Sceop (Poet) - They can either sing of your glory or sing bawdy song’s about you and a goat.

Glíwman (Jester) – Just because he acts the fool . . .

Cildféstre (Nurse) – The Hand that rocks the royal cradle.

Byrele (Cup Bearer)- The poisoner’s patsy.

Þéowmenn (Servants) – They see everything, hear everything.

This lot spend most of their lives involved in one intrigue or another. When they’re not plotting against each other, they’re plotting against their king. All of them will see the Player Characters as pawns, a weapon to wield, or possible allies. All of them will want something from the Player Characters, and if they don’t get what they want the Party might soon learn that lies are as dangerous as spears.