Monday, 3 December 2012

Men of Redwald: Ealdorman


The Ealdorman are the ruling class of the Eorðwerod. Most are fearsome warriors, though some might be a little long in the tooth(-1 HD to-hit, ST, and Dam), but all are canny politicians who decide who can or can't be a Thegn, an Ealdorman, or a King.

Each Ealdorman will have at least ten Thegns, and twenty Frydmen, as well as 3d6 various low Fyrd under their personal command. An ambitious Ealdorman might also have the Thegns and Frydmen of fellow Ealdormen, who have sworn fealty to them, under their nominal command. Some few who are clever custodians of their lands may have enough silver to swell their ranks with Sellswords. Although the latter is often a risk as most kings are wary of any underlings hiring extra swords.

Ealdorman: Armour Class: -1[20]; Hit Dice: 6; Attacks:1 Gár (1d6), Broadsword (1d6+2)or Wælseax (1d3+2); Special: Lord of War,; Move: 10; HIDE/XP: 4/100.

Gear: Irenhelm, Lamellar Serc, Scield, Gár Broadsword, Wælseax, 2 silver armbands, 1 gold armband 2d6 silver rings, silver brooch, a fine cloak and an ivory and silver cloak pin, golden belt buckle, 2d6 gold rings.

The above is the personal gear an Ealdorman will carry, but at home or on campaign even the lowliest of Ealdorman has a great many resources to draw on including but not limited to: hounds, hawks, and horses, fine clothes, silver ingots, a horde of coins and jewellery, various luxury items such as drinking horns decorated with silver filigree, and of course their own modest mead hall and small hillfort.

Although any given Ealdorman might not be the greatest of warriors they are warriors born and all know their trade well. In Battle men look to them for leadership and are heartened by their very presence (+1 to morale)and respond to their orders promptly (+1 to move)and if an Ealdorman puts himself in the front ranks, cheek by jowl with his men, they’ll fight all the harder (+1 to hit, dam, and -1[+1] AC).


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