Monday, 31 December 2012

Men of Redwald: Cempestre

Cempestre (Warrior Women)

Meaning ‘women of the camp’ the Cempestre are Jutish warrior women who have left their homes and places in society to live and fight in a roaming camp. Jutland is pressed by many enemies, and has lost so many men that it called on its women to fight. They are all volunteers and over the years have become more feared than many male warbands.

The camp's numbers are kept to twenty-four warriors in pairs of Sword-sisters: mother and daughter, sisters, friends, or lovers. Whatever the combination Sword-Sisters are sworn to each other in life and in death. No sword-sister will surrender while her sister fights on, and none will live-on if their sister has fallen.

The camp is protected by ditch and dyke topped with a wall of sharpened stakes. They move camp every three days, making it harder for enemies to locate it, and enabling them to take the fight wherever the need is greatest. They are also great hunters and scavengers, and are able to live off the land when they need to.

Campestre: Armour Class: 5[14]; Hit Dice:4+1 ; Attacks: 2 Wælseax (1d3+1); Special: Never Taken, Sword Sisters, Sly Speed; The Worst Fear; Move: 12; HIDE/XP: 4/475.

Gear: Wælseax, Plegscield, tent, bedroll, small iron cauldron, snares, fishing line, wicker basket.

Lightly armed they are fast and have two attacks per combat round and move and fight as skirmishers rather than melee fighters in the combat sequence which often takes enemy warriors by surprise. They fight naked, armed only with small shield and a Wælseax this gives them extra speed and manoeuvrability that is as good as armour.

The Cempestre fight in pairs of sword-sisters and each pair will usually focus on one enemy and make short work of him when fighting in a pair they gain +1 initiative, -1[+1] to AC and +1 to hit due to the fact that each knows what the other is about to do. If one of a pair is slain the remaining one goes into suicidal berserk rage gaining +2 to hit and damage, but +2[-2] to AC.

If a pair of Campestre sword-sisters believe they are about to be taken alive they will abandon their shields and join in a final embrace where each drives their blade into the others heart.

The Campestre are particularly cruel to any male enemies, and excellent at stalking their foes (+1 to surprise). It’s not unusual for stragglers, sentries, or men who wander off to relieve themselves in the night, to be found tied to a tree with their manhood in their mouths. This is bad for morale (-2).


  1. A formidable foe, good grief - it's like Geordie Shore or The Valleys - think I'll stay in tonight!

  2. Imagine Biffa Bacon's mam naked and with a sword. "Divnt call me hinney, yis bastard yer!"