Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Men of Redwald


Wulfeshéafod (Wolfsheads)

The wolfsheads or outlaws of Redwald are a desperate, murderous bunch. Most however lack the skill and finesse that the PC’s can bring to their outlaw life, and thus pose little threat. Malnourished, unarmoured and armed with a variety of ill made or ancient weapons, their best weapons are cunning and ruthlessness.

Wulfeshéafod: Armour Class: 8 [11]; Hit Dice: 1/2; Attacks: 1 (1d3); Special: Cunning Cowards; Move: 10; HDE/XP: 1/2/15.

Most outlaws are armed with clubs and staves, the odd one might have a bow, or sax, but all of their weapons are rusted, pitted, or otherwise damaged and badly kept and only do 1d3 no matter what the weapon. Most of them are cowards and Wolfsheads won’t attack anyone unless they outnumber them 2 to 1. If they do attack, an ambush is the prepared method and due to their cunning they have a good chance (1-3 on 1d6) of launching a successful attack. If they aren’t victorious within two combats rounds they’ll more than likely flee regardless of moral (1-4 on 1d6). Being cowards fleeing is something they excel at and have a good chance (1-4 on d6) of breaking from melee and running without suffering any penalties or being struck down as they flee.

In any group of outlaws there is bound to be one more cunning, cowardly, and bullying than the rest who acts a sort of leader. Undoubtedly this leader will be the best armed, armoured and fed of the bunch (AC: 7 [12] HD: 1D3+1 HP: 4, Dam: 1d3+1).

Þræls & Ceorls

The Þræls and Ceorls (slaves and peasants) are the men, women, and children, who work the fields, herd cattle, toil in the mines, and create and craft all the goods needed by the warrior society that rules over them. They are non-combatants and won’t fight, or if they do will be ineffectual. They have no stats, no AC, HD, or attacks if the PCs (or NPCs) want them dead, they’re dead. If the Referee needs a Þræl or Ceorl who isn’t a non-combatant, for example a slave that used to be a wildling warrior or a Farmer who has experience in the Fryd, they can use the appropriate statblock, but remember a slave will be unarmed and a farmer is more likely to have a pitchfork to hand than a spear.