Monday, 12 December 2011

Free Kindle Book - Free Fiction - Free eBook - Free Short Story

Want some free fiction? A free ebook? How about a free short story? My latest;  available from Amazon's US  and  UK and various European Kindle Stores. . .

Conway is oathsworn to place young Govan on the throne of Dyfed. But with the kingdom swarming with Saxon sellswords, if the oath is to be anything more than mere words, then Conway's wits will have to work as hard as his sword arm. 
An action packed, blood and thunder, Historical short story set in the hills and valleys of post Roman Wales.  8,500 words/34 pages.

. . . Is free to borrow if you have a kindle and are an Amazon Prime member. If you're a kindle owner, but not a Prime member it is available as a free download all day tomorrow Tuesday the 13th of December 20111 (Pacific Standard Time), and for those of you getting, or giving new eReaders for Christmas it will also be available as a free download Christmas eve, Christmas day, and Boxing day.

If you don't own a kindle, Amazon has a free software version of their eReader: Kindle for Mac, PC, Android, etc. If you want to read it in another format, or on a different type of eReader Calibre is a free eBook manager that can convert between the various formats and is simple to use.