Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Redwald Cover: Ashcan Edition

In the spirit of OSR DIY I've knocked up a quick cover for the Ashcan Edition of Redwald . . .


  1. Looks fantastic!

    The "c" in "scum" reads like an "L" on first glance.

    Haven't you got a better term than "scum", anyway? Something more darkagey..."Wolfsheads"?

  2. Awesome!

    P.S.: I also suggest chaning the "c"

  3. Nice cover! I'll add it to the rules PDF for our playtest.

  4. Great stuff Lee. However if I printed it, to save ink I would first take the image into a graphics programme and reverse the colours to give a pale grey background and black font and graphic.

  5. Cheers, everyone. I can see the 'c' does look weird. I think it's becasue there's not enough space between the tail of the g. I'll play around with different wording, or different spacing. I also didn't think about how much ink a black cover would eat. I'll try something else.

    @monk, be interested to hear how your playtest goes.

    Cheers, all.