Monday, 5 September 2011

Sperebrógan (Spear Terrors)

The Spear Terrors are noble youths, the sons of Thegns, Eoldormen, and Kings, who serve in the war band as skirmishers. Armed with javelins and wattle shields they move fast to harass the enemy, and screen the formation and movements of their own warband.
Although, lightly armed, and no match for hardened warriors in a toe to toe melee, they can still prove deadly. Especially, as they are prideful, vainglorious, and always mindful of how their actions on the battlefield reflect on them and their family.

Sperebrógan: Armour Class: 7[12]; Hit Dice: 2; Attacks: 2 Ætgár(x3) (1d6-1)or Anga (1d6+1); Special: Dart Dance, Anga Anger ; Move: 14; HDE/XP: 2/60.

The Sperebrógan are fleet of foot and so used to skirmishing that they are able to dodge or dance out of the way of enemy darts, and any other thrown weapons. This is represented with a -2 [+2] AC Bonus against all thrown weapons.

Using their Anga they are also able to target enemy shields rather than the enemy. Such successful attacks only cause 2 points of damage but the enemy must spend two combat rounds removing the javelin from their shield or discard it.


  1. According to original sources, if somebody steps on an Angon that's newly stuck in a shield, the shield guy is forced to duck forward, and becomes very easy to hit....

    (I think what you're doing is very cool indeed, btw)

  2. Hey thanks, Zornhau. I know you know yer stuff as I follow your blog after reading your posts on Absolutewrite.

    I was looking at the Anga purely from a skirmishing pov, had thought about any consequences of not dealing with it before you get to melee (other than mechanical loss of AC). I'll have to add your step and stab to the mix. Cheers.