Monday, 19 September 2011

The Men of Redwald: Thegn and Dreng

Drengas(The Young Warriors)
The Drengas are young men of the Thegn caste who are unmarried and unproven. They live in their Lord’s longhall and attend him wherever he goes. In return for this service they can expect gold rings, feasts, and a roof over their head. When they prove themselves in the service of their lord they are gifted land, allowed to marry, and join the ranks of the Thegns.

Drangas: Armour Class: 3[16]; Hit Dice: 3; Attacks:1 Gár (1d6)or Wælseax (1d3+2); Special: Boasters and Brawlers; Move: 10; HDE/XP: 3/70.

Gear: Leðeren Cæppe, Plegscield, Leðeren Serc, Gár, Wælseax, 1d3 gold rings, 1d6 silver rings, ornate mead cup.
In order to gain their lord’s notice the Drangas boast, often and loudly, trying to ensure their lord is aware how willing and ready they are to slay his enemies or die in the attempt. As such they’re eager to make good on these boasts and are fearless to the point of recklessness. They often charge without orders. When charging they gain +1 to hit and +1 to morale.

They also tend to fight amongst themselves and are experienced mead hall brawlers gaining +2 to hit and do +2 damage in unarmed combat.

Ðegn (Thegn)
The Thegns are the backbone of the warband, shieldwall, and army. These are experienced, disciplined, well trained, well armed men. Men who have proved themselves loyal in battle, service, and wise counsel. In return for this service they have been gifted gold rings, land, armour, and most prized of all gifts: a sword.

Ðegn: Armour Class: 0[19]; Hit Dice: 4+2; Attacks:1 Gár (1d6), Broadsword (1d6+2)or Wælseax (1d3+2); Special: Warwise,; Move: 10; HIDE/XP: 3/70.

Gear: Irenhelm, Leðeren Scæglod Serc, Scield, Gár Broadsword, Wælseax, silver armband, 2d6 silver rings, silver belt buckle, 1d6 gold rings.

The warwise Thegns are disciplined and well drilled. When four or Thegns more fight in formation gain +2 to their movement score, and +2 to morale. When fighting in a shield wall they gain +2 to hit.


  1. Cool. So when might we see Redwald in a collected form?

  2. Not sure. It's taking too much time I've written all the fun creative bits. Now I'm just grinding out what needs to be done. I'm also unlikely to be able to self-pub the version I'd like to see. Chances are I'll put out a free pdf and I think that'll be it for Redwald, for now at least.