Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Google+ Games?

Anyone have any experience with Google+ for game sessions? How'd it go? Is it a good tool for online Pen & Paper gaming? How does it work? Do I have to be all Facebooky on G+ or can I just use it to run a game?

There is also Group Chat  from OnLive which might work well for games. Although it's voice only so dice might be a prob.

Anyway, thoughts and experiences with G+, let me know. By the way, I'm not actually thinking about G+ for a Redwald playtest at the moment. I've got the itch to GM a Judges Game Wilderlands game.


  1. i don't have experience either running or playing with google+, but i've read plenty of stuff from folks who do. here's some:

    hope this helps.

  2. Hey, brink cheers. I'll check that out.

  3. We use it together with RPTools - works great. I haven't done any gaming with just G+ yet, although our first 2e game is on Saturday.

    You don't have to get too Facebooky with it if you don't want to. Setting up a hangout is easy, though. Only thing to be aware of is that people drop sometimes, but it's usually pretty easy to get them back in.

    Better sound quality overall than Skype, plus there is video, if you want it. I don't know of any mapping or dice rolling plugins for it yet - Constantcon threads from Zac have some good recommendations.

  4. The best way to figure out if it's something you're interested if to play in a game. For the most part, though, they feel like a real life session. We've been using a website called "twiddla" as a white board/grid, which has helped immensely.

    I run a dungeon delving game, the Vats of Mazarin, every Monday night at 10PM eastern time if you'd like to join and see how it goes. I should have the play reports up sessions 5 and 6 sometimes today:

  5. Cheers Wickedmurph and Ian for info and input.

    Ian I might be up for a delve into the vats, by my reckoning 10pm EST is 3pm GMT so it's doable timewise. Just two things: I'm not on G+ so would need an invite, and don't have a webcam so would have to go voice only.

    Would either of those be a problem?

  6. Some direct responses that may or may not be clear from Zak's summaries:

    About 90% of sessions I've been in work out wonderfully. Feels just like in person, with one exception: because of the webcam-ness, it always feels like whoever is talking is talking to you (it looks like they're looking directly at you), which causes people to talk over each other a little bit.

    There are several folks who go voice only; it hasn't been a problem so far. I will say that I think it helps if the DM has a webcam, but it's not a game-breaker, especially if you're using a whiteboard app to help illustrate your ideas.

    I see a lot of people who seem to only be using G+ for gaming. I am one of those people as well. Just put the right selection of people in your "Circles" and only check it / post things for that. Some of those folks will post irrelevant-to-you stuff publicly though, so it gives a very facebook vibe.

    As for dice, the Twiddla whiteboard thingie mentioned by Ian has a built in die roller (just type d10 or d373 or whatever into the chat window), so a few people use that. In general though, a common understanding has developed that people just trust each other to truthfully report their rolls. But I've seen a couple DMs break that mold.

  7. Oh, and send me an email (should be in my blogger profile) if you still need a G+ invite.

  8. Cheers, Antion. Reckon I'll try playing voice only to start with. If G+ works for me I'll grab a webcam to DM. Do peeps point their webcams at the dice for rolls or is that too much hassle?

    I'll zip you an email for an invite. Much appreciated.

  9. I've seen people point their webcams at 20s occasionally, but as more of a "hey! 20!" than as proof of their claim. Mostly it's honor system. Also, a lot of folks (like me) use a built in webcam on their laptop which would be annoying to pick up and point at things every few seconds.

    If you feel the need for something like that, I'd say just use the Twiddla die roller since it's incorporated into a program you'll probably want to use for mapping anyway (and it will do d7 & such).

  10. Don't feel the need for it, was just wondering what the general dice etiquette was on G+ games. Cheers for the invite, have accepted, but not set much up yet or really had much of a chance to look at G+ to see what it does.