Friday, 26 August 2011

Redwald Will Return . . . after this short message from our sponsors . . .

Born of Evil - an 11,277 word/45 page Fantasy Novelette.

A Dark Fantasy tale in the traditional Swords & Sorcery style.

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Once Finnon was a lord, a lord with warriors, a wife, a son, but Jarl Karstak took everything he loved. Now all he has left is the love of the Only God, an iron will, and a fearful talent for slaughter. One sword against Karstak and his thousand riders, Finnon’s only hope of vengeance is to lead his foes deep into the ice wastes and let cold and attrition do the work his single sword cannot.

When he himself is overcome by the cold only the intervention of mysterious Ísascynn, the Ice People, saves him. But the Ísascynn are plagued by an enemy of their own, and enemy far more fearful than Karstak and his thousand riders, a monstrous creature created for destruction and born of evil. A creature the Ísascynn claim Finnon is destined to slay.


  1. Cool. I'll have to snag that for Kindle when I get home.

  2. Sweet! Shit! I hope you like it. :D

  3. Well done Lee. I'm looking forward to grabbing a copy of this (when I get my pocket money next) and reading it. I'm glad to see you're back blogging Redwald.

  4. Cheers, austrodavicus. I'm worried now that Born of Evil is being read by people I kinda know. Especially as everytime I look at it I'm suddenly convinced it's overwrought pap!

    Redwald has been slow going spent most of the summer working on the house (joy).

  5. Don't worry about it Lee, we're all our own worst critics. I'll be gentle with you. :-)

  6. Well Lee, I enjoyed the story very much. It was wonderfully grim and didn't end quite as I had expected, which made it all the more pleasurable.

    Have you seen the Heroic Fantasy Quarterly website? Your story was just as good as those and definitely of a similar style.

    Thanks for making this available and I hope you write more of Finnon's adventures in the future.

  7. Hey, austrodavicus thank you. I really appreciate your kind words. cheers.

    I was thinking of HFQ actually, but I couldn't cut it down to their their 10K word count. I'd already hacked it down from 14.5K to 11.5K I think more cuts and it would start to scan a bit awkward.. Also they're closed to subs until 2012.

    I've never used the same character in multiple stories. It is part of the Sword & Sorcery pulp tradition so I might give it a go.

    Once again thank you, much appreciated.