Friday, 15 April 2011

A-Z Challenge: Morally Grey

I didn’t start Redwald with a Forge-type agenda, and it’s not a focused storytelling game with a set premise, but Redwald games will inevitably revolve around moral, or immoral, choices the players must make. A Redwald party of Wolfshead outlaws are after all the dark ages equivalent of a Special Forces team, or mafia crew. Either way their job is to cause mayhem and mischief, and decimate the ranks of their lord’s enemy

There aren’t really any good guys, and bad guys in Redwald just lots of people lusting after power. It’s a common enough set-up. The characters are flawed anti-heroes with a shady past in the employ of an ambitious patron they might not like and really shouldn’t trust.

Of course, you could play it straight if you wanted, the characters could be like a delta team in the employ of a ‘noble’ lord, only targeting the baddies. Personally I think that would be a bit dull, but you could do it that way.

Still, I doubt any OSR gamers will have problems with moral grey areas. I don’t think I’ve ever run, or played, in a D&D game where the players didn’t cut the throats of every Kobold caught in throes of magical slumber, or casually slaughtered any Orc foolish enough to get himself captured or surrender.


  1. Though not an RPG player, and really just a writer co-hosting the AZ Challenge, I can appreciate your message about the shades of gray pertaining to morality and other walks of life. Thanks for sharing, and it's a pleasure to meet you via the A-Z Challenge.

  2. Hey, Jeffrey thanks for popping by and cheers for the comment. I (like a few of the RPG chaps) am alos a writery writer as well as an RPG writer. My writing blog is here . . .

    I figured one A-Z challenge at a time was more than enough!

    Glad you and the others set this challenge up. Although I haven't yet find the time to read and comment on as many of the other A_Z blogs as I'd like I am enjoying the experience (although glad it's Sunday tomorrow!)