Monday, 11 April 2011

A-Z Challenge: I – Illustration

Well this is an on topic post. To my mind art and illustrations in RPGs are as important as the rules themselves. My first introduction to the hobby happened during a break between French and Double Maths (shudder) my friend Gareth asked if I wanted to play Tunnels & Trolls. What’s Tunnels & Trolls I asked? It's like the Hobbit but you get to be the hero says he. That statement alone was enough to make me flip my little lid, but then he whipped out ‘Sword for Hire’ and 3d6 . . .

That picture; the idea that I, obsessed with King Arthur, Greek Myths, and Tolkien, could be that guy: the warrior with shield and sword. In a game! Sold for life!
In those early years I can’t tell you much time, I spent flipping through T&T, D&D, Runequest, White Dwarf, and a host off RPGs, and supplements and daydreaming. Rules, modules, supplements, and articles gave me the tools to play. Art and illustrations gave me the inspiration.

In a fantasy unlimited budget scenario have ideas for how I’d like Redwald illustrated and what I want illustrated.  For the cover I don’t want art I want Graphics. Ideally a glossy black cover with the title text in gold or silver runic font and a simple graphic representation of the Sutton Hoo helmet that  features in the background of this blog.
For the interior art it has to be black-and-white line drawing. Preferably by a single artist. Something with the same dark feel as Les Evans work for Sorcerer and Sword. While I’m fantasising I’d also like as many of the examples from the rules illustrated and other action scenes, illos for each class archetype, and for as many of the Bestiary entries as possible.


  1. A product like Redwald will really come alive with illustrations that perfectly fit the theme. If commissioning artwork is beyond your budget, you could always try clip art from this site of 66,000 images. It has a search function, for example here's the results for "Norse" and "Saxon".

  2. Hey, austrodavicus. Cheers for the link.

  3. I can pciture what your describing and it sounds awesome! For Weird Adventures, alas, i was unable to go with a unified art style--budget constraits, the amount of art desired, and lifespan of artistic collaboration worked against that. Still I think that's a laudable goal.

  4. Well, it's very much a fantasy scenario.