Saturday, 9 April 2011

A – Z Challenge: H – Hræfnmenn

The Hræfnmenn are the first original monster I created for Redwald, since they’re not from D&D or Mythology. They also informed the way I went about stating up the other monsters. Having decided the Hræfnmenn always appear in threes; I made as many as their stats as possible relate to the number 3. I also gave them a special attack that had its own little sub-rule. I tried to carry that craziness over to the rest of monsters and gave as many of them as possible their own unique Special Attack.

Here they are . . .

Hræfnmenn (Ravenmen)

Little is known of these vile creatures. Some believe them to be evil spirits, others say they are a Réðealingas cult of death wittas. Some say they glide down from the trees to feed, some say they burst up through earth straight from the underworld. They appear as men with skin as pale as the moon. They go naked save for a cloak of Raven feathers and a raven beaked helm that covers their face but not their mouth. They carry black bladed short swords curved like a raven’s beak. They appear after small battles and skirmishes to feast on the eyes of the dead. They only ever appear in threes. They ignore the living unless they are foolish enough to interfere with their feasting.

The Hræfnmenn: AC: 3 [16]; HD: 3+3; Attacks; 3 Raven blade (3 damage each hit); Special: Eye pluck counter; Move: 13; HDE/XP: 3/333.

If anyone attacking a Hræfnmenn rolls a 3 on their to-hit roll it immediately counters by plucking the attacker’s eye out reducing them to 3 Hit Points.


  1. I love Hreafnmenn; kind of a super cool cross between corpse eating Odin/Sleipnir and the Swanmay.

  2. Hey, Dan Cheers. It's very tempting to include Norse elements. I mean they're more or less the same Religion, Language, and culture. Just seems like there is often more known about the Viking versions.