Friday, 8 April 2011

A - Z Challenge: G - Game Design

I don’t consider what I’m doing with Redwald to be Game Design. I liken it more to the FPS Modding scene. For the non-gamers out there a FPS stands for First Person Shooter, a run and gun game. Modders take the source code from a game like Call of Duty then reskin the character models, weapons, and the background terrain so instead of a modern warfare game you might have Sci-Fi or Civil War characters, weapons and backgrounds for example. So although it plays more or less the same as the original it looks and feels different.
Personally, at this stage in the hobby, I think it’s rare for a game to be totally original. In fact there’s a strong argument to say that every RPG since 1974 is just a Mod of OD&D, and that was a Wargame Mod!


  1. I reckon I agree with that last statement.

  2. I don't know - some of the WoD stuff sounds pretty different. Of course, I'm still waiting to get the book, so I can't tell, but from the stuff I've read about it it is.

  3. Hey, C'nor I've looked at WoD stuff, even made a character once, but never really played. On the surface I think dice pools and pips seem completely different, but you still have a character with stats, and roll dice to see if you're successful. It's not that far away. I'm sure folks much cleverer than I could make better arguments for and against though.