Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A-Z Challenge: E – Eotenas

The Eotenas, the Giants, were one of the earliest entries in the Redwald Bestiary and one that helped settle the whole tone of the setting in my mind . . .
“There are six Giants in Rædwald when they are slain the Gígantmæog (Race of giants) will be no more.”
. . . It helped me decide there wouldn’t be an unlimited supply of monsters, and that major monsters, Giants, Dragons, Trolls, would be individuals. It also added a feeling to the setting that I think adds flavour. The monsters in Redwald are dwindling in numbers, hanging on to existence, eking out a life on the borders and in the wild places.  

Here’s one of the Eotenas . . .
The Thirskman

The Thirskman and his wife were content to live in peace, but when his wife left their homeland hills to swim in the river Deres, near the burg of Thirsk, the Fryd was summoned and out of fear they slew her. Mad with grief the Thirskman has taken up residence at the ford in the river Deres and slays all who seek to cross it. This has crippled trade between the towns of Deresford on the Geatish side of the river and Thirskburg on the Eastlundseax side.
The Thirskman: AC: 6 [13]; Hit Dice: 8+2; HP: 35 ; Attacks: 1 Boulder (2d6); Special: Hurls boulders ; Move: 12; HDE/XP: 9/1100.
The Thirskman hurls boulders from the river at anyone who approaches the ford (max range 200’) and then uses a boulder in melee. He has no riches, but the lords of Thirskburg and Deresford will be grateful to his slayers.


  1. I agree it completely adds to the flavor of Redwald. That there are individual "monsters" is what makes it so cool to me.

  2. I really like this idea of there only being a set number of some monster in the world, and once they are gone, there are no more. It makes these things a bit more special. And makes the death of them more meaningful, and a bit sad in a way. An infinite number of orcs means never giving a damn about what players do to them or how many the characters kill--it cheapens things.Minimizes the impact of what's happening. Trivializes the effort to even bother fighting the things.

    You raise loads of great ideas like that all through your posts. This is a great blog! You're doing awesome stuff!