Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Other Stuff

I’m gearing up to write a longish post about the bestiary, but in the meantime the Z – is for Zinth post got me thinking about other stuff I’m interested in playing with when Redwald is done.

All the titles are working titles. . .

Tongue in cheek Post Apoc RPG where the players are part of a community that bases its culture on spectacularly bad Extruded Fantasy Product. All the characters are human, but short ugly dude are forced to live underground, grow beards, drink ‘ale’ and use axes. Anyone tall and pretty has to shave, grow their hair long, dye it blond, live in the forest and learn to use a bow. The rest get to be warriors, wizards, clerics, etc. Wizards have spells which are actually military ordinance, and Clerics use all sorts of non-military tech (like the silver box of death metal ear bleeding). Warriors get a bunch of randomly stupid household goods converted into arms and armour. The party have to baby sit a useless Lvl 0 Farm boy aka the chosen one and quest for the Twelfth Book of Zinth (which was never published).

Lords of Iron and Fire
This is a rules supplement and setting. It’s a generic low fantasy setting, in which the players are amongst the first generation of people to develop superpowers. So, yeah it’s a Heroes (the TV show) and low level D&D mash-up.

Spine world
This is a setting. It’s basically a planet where all the land mass forms a thin equatorial belt (or spine) around the planet and the rest is just sea. It’s all volcanic rainforest/jungle and islands. Player Races are small isolated tribes of humans (with fantasy analogues of various Polynesian cultures) the more numerous Lizard men (tribal Stone Age types and aloof high culture types) dwindling communities of laser lance wielding birdmen, and solitary panther men. There is also an NPC Mesoamerican style ziggurat culture of human slaves controlled by alien Sorcerer kings to provide a healthy supply of combative evil.
D&D India
A not at all well researched or historically correct D&D India setting. Could call it Thuggees & Fakirs. Beyond Elephant Headed clerics, and Monkey Men archers, I haven’t thought about it that much. But Indian mythology is a rich source of inspiration that should be great fun plunder for D&D.

B/X/Labyrinth Lord Sword & Sorcery Setting
I have a few ideas about re-skinning the B/X classes and adding a few other magic systems to fit a Sword & Sorcery setting I have in mind. Although I’ve also considered using the same setting for a BRP setting or a Savage Worlds Plot Point Setting.
T&T Samurai Setting
A setting inspired by two of my teenage obsessions: Shogun and Bushido. The evil Shogun and his consort on the verge of defeat unleashed a terrible magic that broke the walls between this world and the other world. Now he has an army of Bakemono and every time one his Samurai are struck down it rises to fight on beyond death. The player characters are all Ronin, Tengu sword saints, Kitsune Shugenja, wondering Budoka and Warrior Priests, and Ninja Kappa. The Bad guys are demons, Bakemono, samurai and zombie samurai. This is another setting I thought might work for a savage worlds plot point adventure.

Dungeon Bastards
This is an idea I had for a very basic (ha) Retro clone in the format of a Graphic novel. It’s tongue in cheek, wilfully dumb, and fun. However I can’t draw so until I find an artist insane enough to throw himself into a project like this I console myself by writing Dungeon Bastards fiction. I’m working on - Dungeon Bastards Book 1: In Search of the Not Known - and I’m having a blast.

I'd like to attempt a setting made entirely of random tables. The first of which would be a 1d4 roll to see which of the four maps the campaign would be set in.

EDIT: Keep Remembering stuff . . .

Princes, Rogues, Ogres, Goblins
Take King crimson's In the Court of the Crimson King, a handful of other  D&D lyric Prog Rock classics such as Tull's Broadsword and the Beast , a few posters and gatefold album covers by Roger Dean and Rodney Matthews mix that all up in my brain circa '87 when I was in my Carlos Castenanda/Aldlous Huxley/Dali/Fear and Loathing phase and voila there's one fucked up setting I'd love to write, run, and evenm play in.

Looking at the above list of possible projects I realise I need to work faster. Especially as I haven't finished Redwald


  1. When are you going to publish Redwald? It's a briliant game, and I'd love to see its final vrsion. Will it differ mauch from the playtest version?

  2. Hey. M.P. Thanks for the compliment. If someone else publishes it there'll be art. Other than that the main differences will be the extra content such as abstract skirmish rules, some maggic items, an example kingdom and campaign, possibly a mission generator, and a finished bestiary. Other changes will be more along the lines of minor changes to various classes HD, to hit bonuses, gear, and the like.

  3. Sounds like some cool stuff in the works there!

  4. Cheers, Trey. Although, I need to work a bit harder otherwise that's all they'll ever be.

  5. D&D India

    Want, want very badly...this is similar to something I'm always thinking about doing but never have.

  6. Hey, Herb. There was a documentary on the BBC by Micheal Wood (all his docu's are great by the way) called The Story of India. That was packed full of great stuff to shove in a campaign world. I got my self a copy and have it standing by ready for a rewatch when I want to attempt this project.

  7. Hm... Spine World and D&D India sound fun.