Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Redwald Calendar

The importance of the Redwald Calendar in your game will depend on how you run your campaign. If your game is a series of related adventures then use the calendar to hang a thematic tag on an adventure, or as a background for an adventure. For example a murder mystery set during one of the major festivals, or a rescue mission set in the height of winter snows adds flavour and anchors your adventures in the setting. If you’re running a campaign in a traditional method, keeping track of out of adventure time, then as well as the thematic there are more obvious benefits.
The Redwald Calendar is a lunar calender so a month is a moon. In Redwald there are only two six-moon seasons: Wintertíd  (Winter time) and Sumortíd (Summer Time).
The Twelve Moons of Redwald

Æfterra Geola

After, or Following, Yule. The first month starts with Modranecht, Mothers' Night when sacrifices are made to Eorðdraca, the Earth Dragon and mother of all things, for a good year.


The mud month a time of rain and hardship and for farmers ploughing.


Dedicated to the goddess Hrêðe. A month when enemy warriors are sacrificed in hope of victory during the coming fighting season.


This is the month of the goddess Ēostre and is a time of feasts and spring festivals.


Named the thrice-milking month, because the land is so fertile and the weather so favourable that cows must be milked three times a day during this month.
Ærra Draca & Æfterra Draca
These two months Arra Draca (Preceding Dragon) and Æfterra Draca (Following Dragon) are named after Dragons because these are the months when the sun and the fighting is often at their fiercest.
The Weed month a time when farmers plant Vetches and warriors cut down their enemies like weeds in the field.


Holy month. Throughout this month a series of rites dedicated to Tiw are preformed in return for the victories of the summer fighting season.


Fylleð means full moon; the full moon in this month marks the start of winter.


Blood month. In this month livestock not kept alive through the winter is offered to the gods, slaughtered, and preserved for winter feasting.

Ærra Geola

Preceding, or first, Yule. A month of darkness and cold lightened only by feasting and mead hall boasting of the battlefield glory to be gained in the year to come.
Days of the Week
Sunnandæg – Day of the Sun
Monandæg – Day of the Moon
Tiwesdæg – Tiw’s Day
Wodnesdæg – Woden’s Day
Ðunresdæg – Ðunor’s Day
Frigedæg -  Fríge’s Day
Dracandæg – Day of the Dragons
Times of the Day
Úht - 3 am to 6 am
Morgen - 6 am to 9 am
Undern - 9 am to noon
Middæg - Noon to 3 pm
Gelotendæg - 3 pm to 6 pm
Æfen - 6 pm to 9 pm
Niht - 9 pm to midnight
Midniht - Midnight to 3 am


  1. Very nice!
    I'll have to use some of this... ;)

  2. Yes, very useable, and I like how you've tied Dragons into it.

  3. Cheers, Grendelwulf and Geordie. I wasn't sure if this type of stuff would be useful.

    The dragon stuff I had to change to fit Redwald. Saturady was Saturns day a refernce to a Roman influence, and the Dragon months were 'Litha' meaning gentle in refences to the seas at that time of year. As Redwald has no Rome equivalent and is landlocked I thought I better change those.