Wednesday, 1 December 2010


The editing of the playtest pdf is going slowly. So far only 34 pages edited out of 134. However, I have more time to dedicated to it so hopefully things will go a little faster now.  It's not even a very heavy edit so far, more of a light polish and tidy up really. I still need to take the time to look at a few things and really bash the prose about till it is, to use a pro-writing term,  . . .  a bit betterer. 
I also have more to write. What will be included in the playtest pdf will be more than enough to play the game, but there are a few additions I'd like to make such as the abstract skirmish rules for warband vs warband combat. There are also things that have to be finsihed like the bestiary. For that there are a few more monster write ups and more importantly write ups for the men, dwarfs, and elfs. So far I've done a bestiary write up for the Wildlings that includes a variety of npcs warriors, skirmishers, and wizards. There's enough in that entry so that a referee can extrapolate or reskin them to cover the other races in playtest.
There is no cleric archetype or class in Redwald and I've written Redwald as a world where the gods don't take an interest in mortals, and the mortals are happy about it as all the sagas show that when they did it always turned out bad for mortals. I will though add a brief entry on the gods, religion, and the calendar.
The other thing I need to write is a referee’s section, or guide. Not particularly looking forward to that partly because I don’t really feel qualified to hand out DMing advice, partly because I don’t want to come across as writing a ‘this is how my game should be played chapter, and partly cos I don’t really know what to write for this section, but I think there should be something that covers the more esoteric side of things.
Ideally I’d also like to add an example that fleshes out of one of the kingdoms, possibly a vague outline for a campaign, or at least the start of one, and a random mission generator  as well as a possible sample adventure. Shit that’s a lot of new ‘stuff’ to add, then rewrite.
Anyway, progress is being made and hopefully Redwald will be ready to playtest in the new year. Of course I’ll need playtesters . . .


  1. 'Of course I’ll need playtesters'

    Count me in !

  2. Cool. I'll post more on this when the pdf is ready, but anyone who could run, or get their DM to run, three playtest adventures, one for each level, would be doing me a great service, but even a single adventure would be great.

    In fact if anyone hacks anything from Redwald and uses it in their normal game and tells me how it worked out that'd be great too.

  3. Do you really need a DMs section? As in this is how to run a RPG. Are people new to gaming going to be playing this completely on their own as their first game? Seems unlikely to me.

    What you should do is lay out why you designed the game this way, the things you feel are important for your world, what makes it special. So, a 'this is how I mean to play the game' chapter is exactly what you should write.

  4. Hey, GSV

    I wasn't thinking of generic GM advice for the Referee's section, but at the same time didn't really want to pontificate on how peeps should play Redwald, but maybe you're right.

  5. Depending on the will of the players, I think I could be up for a play-test in the new year. I'm not on the OSR band-wagon though, but as I understand it, you're making a complete stand-alone rule-set.

  6. Hey, Harald cheers that'd be great. The rules are based on Swords & Wizardry: Whitebox but they're pretty much stand alone.