Tuesday, 14 December 2010


I'm halfway through the quick edit of the playtest pdf. More if I'm only counting the rules, and not the bestiary. So it should be available early in the New Year. I have a volunteer who has agreed to do layout, but I'll make a rough and ready pdf version available while the layout is being done. Hopefully as well as layout, there's a character sheet and map on the horizon.

I'll be mostly editing and writing through the holiday season so there won't be many posts here apart from the odd bestiary addition.


  1. If it means a nice compiled product well I suppose many of can be patient on the blogging front.

  2. Well I don't know exactly how nice, or well compiled it'll be, but at least it will be available. :D

  3. While listening to an audio-book on the history of the English language, a web-book titled King Alfred's Grammer was mentioned. If you aren't all ready aware of that one, I'm sure you could find some use for it in your work.


  4. Hey, Harald cheers. Great link. Will come in handy. Cheers.