Friday, 12 November 2010

From the Rædwald Bestiary . . .

Wælgrædig (Corpse Greedy)

These vile creatures, these defilers of the dead, are an affront to the gods and must be destroyed wherever they are found. No one knows their origins, but once they were men. Now they are deformed monstrosities that feast on the buried dead.

They go about their dire business naked and hunched, and their skin is so moon-white that all their veins, and even their black beating hearts, can be seen through it. Their eyes bulge, their lips are twisted and swollen, their teeth are both rotten and sharp, and their hands have become almost shovel-like claws perfect for digging up the dead. They feast on only the rotting corpses of graves and barrows and show no interest in the flesh of the newly slain, even those they slay themselves.

Where they come from is unknown, some say they dwell in the underworld, others that they sleep in graves themselves and rise once a year or once a century, depending on who is telling the tale, to fulfil their ungodly desires.

Wælgrædig: AC: 9[10]; Hit Dice: 5; Attacks: Bite or Claws 1d6+1 ; Special: Grave Stench, Immune to mind spells and fear; Saving Throw: 14; Move:8; HDE/XP: 7/600

Their Grave Stench is so foul that anyone who fails a ST is at -1 to all action whilst in their presence. They are also immune to any magic that controls or affects the mind, or causes fear.

Wælwulfas (Slaughter Wolves)

Legend tells that the cannibal warriors known as the Wælwulfas came to Rædwald from a far off land called Mermedonia, but any who survive contact with them know these eaters of the dead must be denizens of the underworld. They are a primitive and violent tribe of cannibals who migrate from place to place, seeking new caves to dwell and civilised lands to raid. They dress themselves in wolf furs, cover their heads and faces with wolf heads, and even fight with wolf claw clubs all to give the impression that they are an inhuman beast, but any warrior who has stood against them and lived to tell the tale is able to confirm that it was ‘just a man’ he fought.

Wælwulfas: AC: 7[12]; HD: 1+1; Attacks: Wolf Claw Club 1d6; Special: Fear the Wolf; Saving Throw: 14; Move: 14; HDE/XP: 2/20

The first time these fearsome warriors are encountered a saving throw must be made. If it is failed the victim is overcome with fear of such an unnatural foe and runs. This affect only works on those yet to realise the Wælwulfas are merely men.

Werwulf (Werewolf)

How the curse started no one knows. Neither do they know whether it came from wolves or from men, but the result is the same: an abomination; a blend of man and beast. Very little is known about these beast men, some believe they are permanently trapped in the twisted form that is half-man, half-beast, others that they can change at will from man to beast, or to man-beast. Ancient Saga’s tell of warriors who transform when in a berserk rage, and other tales claim that they live their lives as normal men, but for once a month when the moon is full and they change into beasts.

What is known is that they are solitary creatures and ruthless killers. They’ll take deer in the wild, sheep and cattle when they can, and will kill humans as readily as they’ll take livestock.

If they do indeed have a human form that would be the best time to kill them for the beast is fearsome.

Werwulf: AC: 2 [17]; HD: 7; Attack: Claw, Claw, Bite (1d6, 1d6, 1d6+3); Special: Curse, Immunities; Saving Throw: 10; Move: 16; HDE/XP: 9/900

A Werwulf can only be harmed by sorcery and enchanted or silver weapons. Anyone wounded by a Werwulf has 2 in 6 chance of becoming cursed if they miss their ST. What this means in your game is up to you. It might be as good as death and turn the character into an npc, it might be a terrible curse that the party need to seek a cure for whilst stopping their comrade from slaughtering innocents, or it might be a great boon for a warrior if he can control the curse. It’s up to each referee how (or even if) the curse will affect any infected characters.


  1. Nice group of creatures. There at once obviously somewhat familiar, but with an interesting new flavor.

  2. Cheers, Trey that's what I was shooting for. Just realised I'd already posted the ghoul in the first bestiary post oops.