Sunday, 31 October 2010

Rædwald Blog

A Roleplaying Game of Outlaw Scum
In an Anglo-Saxon World
An Alternate Rules Set for Swords & Wizardry: Whitebox

The world of Rædwald is a world where the bond of the warband, the oath of loyalty between warrior and king, your word, your honour and your status means everything. It is a world where family, community, and the king's laws are a shield against misfortune.
Unfortunately for the player characters the world of Rædwald is one in which they have none of these things. Instead, they are outsiders; wolfshead outlaws. Tired of merely surviving they take coin from a lord, and now serve as his wolfpack, a band of ruthless, expendable outlaw scum.
Working in the shadows of society and the darkness of night, the wolfpack does the type of work that requires more subtlety than a warband can bring to bear, and work so low that a lord's proud warriors would balk at it. In return for this, faithful wolves can expect their lord to be a generous béaga bryttan, a giver of rings and treasure. Live long enough serve faithfully enough and you might win back a place of honour and perhaps one day become lords in your own right.


  1. This looks fantastic, and very relevant to my interests. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Hey, cheers Scott appreciate that. Been following 'Runied Pil'e as the Wilderlands are prolly my fave setting.

  3. Did you post details of this in the OD&D forum? I know I've read posts by you about this somewhere. Very nice work.

  4. Hey, Pat yes I started posting stuff at the S&W project sub-forums then OD&D and RPGnet. Now that the first draft is (more or less) done and I've started editing I thought Redwald could do with a blog, previously I'd been posting Redwald stuff on my writer's blog. Glad you like it.